Sunday, July 29, 2012
5:11 pm Phil
5:20 pm
Hiya kid. You found another gorgeous spot! Quiet day for me. I had a massage at older sister’s – I pulled a hamstring and she paid for her massage therapist to work on me. Feels much better!
6:00 pm Phil
Pulled Hammie hurts. Done that a couple times.
Still out riding. Rode down the shore, stopped for hydration at my favorite spot.
6:14 pm
Thanks for all the photos… great to see your smiling face and the beautiful scenery around you! Quite a contrast to the overcast and 68 we have here!
6:18 pm Phil
This is paradise. Wish it was not so expensive to live here. Having a lot of fun. Headed off to another assignment tomorrow for the week and then a final couple of days back here. This has been nice.
6:20 pm
Wow! What a big trip this is!

8:55 pm Phil
Lot of work
8:56 pm
It’s great how you make the best of it, though… getting out and about
8:57 pm Phil
Foolish not to.
8:57 pm
I just balanced my checkbook. Whee!
8:57 pm Phil
People still do that?
8:58 pm
Well, it’s a spreadsheet.
And I haven’t written a check in… ages
8:59 pm Phil
Oh. I just try to make sure I have more than I spend
9:00 pm
Well… those of us with less have to mess with it more.
Where are you now?

9:03pm Phil
[gorgeous photo of the skyline]
Wow!  Spectacular!  More fish tacos?
9:04pm Phil
Sitting outside enjoying the view reading
Whatcha reading?
9:05pm Phil
No had a hot pastramie samich
Spy adventure
The view to the left
[another gorgeous landscape photo]

Boats!  Looks so beautiful…
9:08pm Phil
As far as you can see, nothing but boats
And people aren’t out in them, on a gorgeous summer Sunday afternoon!
Did you used to live around there?
9:11pm Phil
Lots of them out. Yeah lived just up the hill
When was that?
9:17pm Phil
[said the years]
But you were away a lot?
Not that much.  Had baseball season tickets.
Did a ton of stuff. Enjoyed it here
There!  Bills are paid.  Now I can play.  
9:44pm Phil
Got cold. Time to put on pants considering getting tacos
Wish I was there to… help you change clothes.

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