No pick-ups

Friday, July 20, 2012
9:09 am
Good morning!
Look at the feast we’ve got for a departing co-worker!

Delicious spread from Trader Joe’s – 
warm cinnamon rolls, chocolate ganache cake and cranberry orange coffee cake, 
with cheeries, blueberries and orange slices! 
7:06 pm
Hiya, kid. How was your Friday? Just took Mom out for Chinese. Yum!
8:07 pm Phil
Long but good. Had people who loved the presentation and how I dealt with those not with the program.  I am not shy about shutting them down and they loved that. Headed to the gym, gay pride parade tomorrow. Some of my colleagues are marching. May grab some Mexican again.
Have you been to Pride before? They are usually great fun. We marched with our church. So cool to see people being themselves for a day. I had a great “straight but not narrow” button. Great that you can support them!
11:47 pm Phil
No but sounds like fun!
12:27 am
Just don’t pick up any hot men, okay?  🙂

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5 thoughts on “No pick-ups”

  1. Good morning Sassy,

    I have never been to pride but some of my friends go every year, and some sing the Alaskan Flag Song at the opener, too much fun. But alas I live too far away in the heart of darkness to go. That looks so yummy! I will join in vicariously from here. Who dose this FFF and how can I write one?

    Thank you

    Have a sexy fun Friday


  2. Love that presentation! And you merchandised in odd numbers just like you are supposed to to create the perfect feng shui!

    Is the ganache on the inside because that looks like a loverly fondant icing!

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