Not complaining

Thursday, July 19, 2012
9:13 pm Phil
More fish tacos

11:21 pm
Hiya, kid! Crazy day, project tonight. Whee!
Still soaring from a late night talk with an old friend.
11:37 pm  Phil
Had dinner, few drinks and now laundry. Sat out and watched the sun set. Relaxing night. Hope the project went well.
1:27 am
Such a pretty area you’re in!
Thanks for sharing glimpses w/ me.

Project was a huge success – place was full! This reminds me of you, talked about reconnecting.  It made me smile because (I hope) it’s been a great thing for you!

1:28 am Phil
Not complaining
Awww… you’re so sweet.
I hope you have naughty dreams.  
1:41am Phil
Me too! Had a wonderful dinner, fish tacos, calamari and crab stuffed mushrooms. Yum. 
Oh!  That sound so delicious!
I had an elegant quarter ponder with cheese, in the car, on my way to the project. 
1:43am Phil
Yuck! Rather go hungry. Rinsing my mouth out.
Not my preference but definitely better than nothing.  I’m taking antibiotics for the breast infection, and have to keep something in my stomach. 
You tired out?  Or want me to call you again?
I am pooped girl. Lot of work tomorrow. Good video (link) That’s what Im doing
No worries.  It is so cool that you can spread the word on that topic.  Make a difference.
Good night, kid.

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