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Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  Click over there to see what he and a bunch of other bloggers saw in this photo.  My take is down below.   Bloggers – join us!

               Required Phrase = “Answer it”         Forbidden Words = Orgasm

                Word Length = 661                          Extra Credit = Tell us who’s calling

               Bonus Words = 50 if you tell us a phone sex confession


I was time-traveling with The Doctor and we’d just rescued the plastic people of Planet Rubberit when he asked where I’d like to go next.  I was nostalgic for a Korean restaurant that existed in the 1980’s, near Boston in the United States on Earth.  Could we could go there for a meal?  He said hanging out there was risky but take-out was certainly an option.  He gave me the special phone and I dialed the number from memory to place our order!  
I went once a week in the old days with my sister and her boyfriend.  We’d kibbitz with the owner, a big gray-haired American guy who met a beautiful Asian woman while stationed in Korea, married her, brought her home and opened a restaurant!  We’d eat mandoo dumplings to start, then three dishes to share – the spicy chicken kang funki, the jap chae glass noodles and the tangy beef bulgoki!  No restaurant since has matched the flavors of those dishes!  
We landed on the wrong side of the Charles River, but on the second try ended up on the roof of the building and made our way down.  It was exactly as I remembered!  The smells set my mouth drooling right away.   We sat and waited for the food, chatted with the daughter.  I noticed a man at a table on the other side of the room.  It was Cliff, a former co-worker!  We worked on several projects together, had gone out to eat and I had a huge crush on him.  He never noticed me “that way.”  He left several months ago. 
I asked The Doctor if there would be trouble because he was there?  He said to be very careful, but it shouldn’t be a big deal if he saw me.  Just don’t talk very much… hard to be your 1980’s self!  Luckily I had not aged much, still had the same hair and glasses! 
Cliff was leaving with his buddies.  He came over to say hello!  We shook hands and he looked at my companion, who introduced himself as John Smith, a cousin!  Bless you Doctor!  Cliff looked at me in a different way and winked at me.  He said he wanted to return a videotape I’d loaned him – could I go over to his place for a moment?  That was b.s…. but a nice way to get me alone.  He went off to separate himself from his buddies, said to meet him outside.  The Doctor told me to be very careful… I scrawled Cliff’s phone number on the back of a napkin and told him to call me when we had to go.  I told him to go have ice cream at Christina’s while he waited. 
I went to Cliff’s and… we had a wonderful time.  I puzzled over what would happen if he called 80’s me for another date.  Hmmm… 
Too soon, the phone rang.  I wouldn’t let Cliff answer it.  The Doctor’s voice sounded on the answering machine with a cheery “Food’s ready!”  I was busy!  Cliff looked at me quizzically but kept tasting me deep in my lower lips.  So fabulous!  He has the best body!  I always knew he’d be good in bed.  I’m a sucker for shoulders. He pressed me into the bed, his smooth skin on mine.  I nibbled on his ear and whispered a naughty suggestion.     
The phone rang again.  I disconnected the call, then left the phone on the pillow! Cliff grinned, rolled on a condom and slipped gently inside me, driving me completely wild.  Mmmm…. I lost my mind and rose to meet his thrusts, pulsing inside as he pounded me into the sheet and came in flurry of moans.   
Suddenly, I heard the roaring screech and saw the blue box materialize in the corner of the room.  I kissed Cliff one last time, grabbed my clothes in front of me and dashed into the open door.  Nothing like having dessert first! 

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  1. Poor Cliff, no one will believe that he had fabulous sex and then she was wisked away by aliens in a phone booth.

    Great story and, as always, great FFFing with you.

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