Boob squeeze

Monday, July 9, 2012
8:01am Phil
Nice! Have a great Monday!
Good morning!  Hope you have a marvelous Monday!  
Back at the office?
8:07am Phil
Yes, nice to be back to work. Had a great time with the family. We always do! Two days here and then off to THE BEACH and then out west.  Should be interesting.

Love the link, very hot. Hope it cools off out there. Perfect weather here for a change!

Good day?  
I’m helping out with a project meeting! 
8:32pm Phil
cool!  Yeah day was ok. You?
Peachy!  Work was quiet, got ahead a bit.
Finally home.  Long day.  All the people showed up!  
Here’s another moving photo… for you.  
Sweet dreams, kid.  

12:19am Phil
Very nice
I would like you to do that… while my hips twist underneath you.
12:20am Phil
I’d like that too
And you whisper what you want to do next.
12:22am Phil
Liked watching her tits move. 
Think my cock would look nice between them
Would have to slip into your mouth for lubrication of course
Yes… man that makes me squirm!
12:23am Phil
May have to fuck that hot mouth a bit
Grab my ass and pull me into your mouth, control the pace and how deep
Damn… that caused a big twinge over here!
12:25am Phil
Maybe slip a finger or two up my ass
Fuck my ass while I fuck your mouth
12:27am Phil
Won’t take long to get a mouthful of cum that way
Give me a little that way, then shoot the rest?
12:28am Phil
Oh yeah, pull out and cum on your face and tits
Now roll over and let me shove my cock into your wet pussy. 
Let me fuck you deep and hard, slapping your ass
All the way out and back in deep and hard
Take it, take all of my cock
That’s it… yes… grab my hips hard.
Shove it deep…
12:31am Phil
Beg me to fuck you harder, deeper
Damn gonna fill that hot pussy with cum too
Do it. 
12:32am Phil
Feel it shoot deep inside you
Feel me shudder.
And shake.
12:32am Phil
Oh yeah, cum on my cock
and thrash and scream!
Yeah baby
Mmmfff… so… so… good when you make us soar!
12:33am Phil
Keep cumin over and over
I wish you could see me right now – legs spread, squirming.. deep breaths
12:34am Phil
There you go. Hope I help you sleep well.
 Lick that sweet juice off those fingers
I love the visual
My nipples are hard… buzzing…
my ass twitching in the blasted desk chair
because of you.
12:36am Phil
Cool! Give them a tweak too
I need your hands… your mouth…
your cock!
12:36am Phil
Awesome, hope the chair is soaked from your juices running down your ass
Man… you make me drip, kid.
12:38am Phil
Very neat. Love the thought of your ass all slick and wet
Need you to bite it!
12:38am Phil
Hope you got off
Yes, indeed, thanks to you!  You?
12:39am Phil
My pleasure. Would love to ease my cock inside it
Big mess 🙂
12:40am Phil
thank you madame
you are most welcome, sweet man
12:40am Phil
To bed girl, we can do this while I am travelling
Maybe on video
Maybe with BOB
You have the best ideas!
12:42am Phil
LOL, look forward to that! Nite

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