Pre-4th Fireworks

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
8:11 am
Good morning! Another gorgeous summer day! Hope you have the same.
12:21 am
Happy 4th! great lobster! Friend in from FL took us out to Gloucester for dinner!  You know what I had.

Lazy man lobster casserole at Lobsta Land

Beach was gorgeous at night. Fireworks all along the way home. 
Hope you’re enjoying the family! Hugs, kid.
12:25am Phil
Had an amazing day! ran 5k in 34 minutes. 
Beach, great food, fireworks
No lobster though
Wow!  How are your knees?
12:28am Phil
All good!
Been a long time.
Can you get new trunks you don’t have to hold up? 🙂
12:29am Phil
I know
Good problem to have.  You look so buff!
12:30am Phil
Still a work in progress. Harder at this age
How’s your brother feeling? 
12:33am Phil
Ok, issues breathing
You having open house like last year?
12:52am Phil
 shit ton of people
Feel good
I have the next five days off! So psyched. 
1:07am Phil
Cool! enjoy
Off to bed for me… wish you could tuck me in.  
Have a great night!  Sweet dreams, Kid. 
1:25am Phil
Like to tuck something else in
Oh really?  Do tell!
You wanna put your tongue in my mouth and let me suck on it?
1:31am Phil
Sure! wanna put my cock in your mouth
I could suck on that, too!
What you gonna do for me? 
1:44am Phil
Eat that sweet pussy till you beg me to fuck you
Mmmmm…Very good answer.
1:47am Phil
Make you lube that BOB with your pussy juices and then shove it in my ass
Been thinking about that?
1:48am Phil
Maybe get you to stick your tongue there first
Oh yeah
and my tongue too?
1:49am Phil
Think I’d like it
That especially
That was amazing
Big fake cock filling you up?
1:50am Phil
Hot as hell
Want you to burn
1:50am Phil
I like a tongue and fingers. 
No reason to think that would not feel good too
I’ve got five of the vibe things… 
If one isn’t fabulous, try the next one!
While I talk dirty to ya
1:53am Phil
Umm, fuck my ass baby
Stroke my cock, suck it and fuck my tight ass
1:53 am Phil 
The result of this discussion
[photo of his erect cock]
Gonna move in and out… find that sweet P spot
1:55am Phil 
Want to fuck your tight virgin ass too
Mmmm I like that
I like that cock photo!
1:56am Phil
still wanna do the strap on, and literally get pounded
Deep and hard
Glad you like it. Like to drain it down your throat
Pump that hot cum down your throat
1:57 am
Want that. 
Want to swallow all around it… make it so wet and tight.
1:58 am Phil  
1:58 am 
Suck out every last drop.
Damn… that photo does things to me.
1:59 am Phil  
You have turned into a talented cock sucker. 
Back of your throat feels amazing
Hope your pussy is soaked
2:00 am 
Dripping… clenching.
2:00 am Phil  
Juices dripping down over your ass
Shove a finger inside and come. Rub your clit
Cum on girl
2:01 am 
Want your fingers… 
or your tongue or your gorgeous cock!
2:01 am Phil  
2:01 am 
Want you to feel how hot… how tight… how wet…
Spank me…
Suck me
Fuck me!
2:02 am Phil  
Awesome. I know how wet and tight it is. 
Slapping that ass as I pound your pussy
2:03 am Phil  
Fucking you hard and deep
2:03 am 
Those fireworks you saw tonight? 
NOTHING compared to the explosion that’s coming
2:04 am Phil  
Roll over and lick those sweet juices off my cock, shove a finger or two up my ass
Yeah baby, that’s it, make me cum in your sweet mouth
2:04 am
Gonna be an earthquake in your mind… 
you are going to cum harder than you’ve ever cum before.
2:05 am Phil  
Oh hell yeah
 Need it
Want you to explode as well.
Wanna fuck your tits, mouth, pussy and ass
2:06 am
Whatever you think, whatever you’ve imagined… 
I will make it better… hotter… with my fingers inside you… 
and my mouth on you…
2:06 am Phil   
Oh yes
2:06am Phil
I can see you with your fingers buried in your pussy
I like that image
oh, the things you make me do!  So good…
2:07am Phil
Gotta go to bed babe. Hope you are getting off
So glad
Night kid.  Sleep well.
2:09am Phil
Mmmmm I will, damn I want to feel that cock in my ass.  All the way
Fuck me till I beg to cum
Maybe Ill dream about that

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