Toy talk

Year 2 -Week 46
Sunday, July 1, 2012 
12:33 pm Phil
[photo of Philip in a Yankees cap with two women in a pub near Wrigley]
Great to see your smiling face!  Suckass hat, though. 
2:38pm Phil
Lol! surrounded by pretty women!
Rough life!
3:25pm Phil
Yeah baby. Someone has to do it
3:31pm Phil
You try your toy where it belongs yet? ðŸ™‚
4:02 pm 
Are you thinking about that? Eat a hot dog!
4:19 pm Phil
4:23 pm
When I use BOB (battery-operated boyfriend) you will know!
4:39 pm  Phil
Haha cool
4:41 pm 
Really tempted to wait and break it in on your ass…
4:55 pm Phil
4:56 pm
Like in that video…
5:05 pm Phil
Hey I’ll try anything 
5:10 pm
Knees up, Lots of lube, in slowly…out, and suck on you?
5:15pm Phil
Oh yeah, fuck me baby
I like this kind of ball game!
8:02pm Phil

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