Tuesday, June 26, 2012
7:09 am Phil
Good morning. Amazing to watch while stroking my cock, either pull it out and come inside you or shoot in your mouth or on your tits. feels amazing when it’s buzzing on my balls and base of my cock while fuckung and of course you could slowly lube it and slip it my or your ass. All great fun.
10:22 am
Whoo! What a way to start my day! You have the best ideas!!! This gives me the willies but I know I have to relax, trust and try it. The vision making me wet is your cock in my throat, “my cock” in your ass, the look on your face when you cum on me.
4:44 pm Phil
Ooh, nice!
4:54 pm
Been watching videos… looking for ideas. Could use it on my clit while you’re inside me from the back? or the front? I predict gushing, screaming, thrashing, moaning cumming! Can you imagine that? 
4:59 pm Phil
I can, I can!
5:01 pm
They say that when it’s on my clit and you are inside me, you can feel the vibrations and that is a good thing?
5:16 pm Phil
Oh yeah and very true
5:19 pm

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