FFF Bewildered

Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  

Click over there to see what he and other bloggers made of it.  My take is below.

  • Word Limit – 369
  • Required Phrase – Bewildered
  • Forbidden Words – Knock, Lock(ed), Super
  • Extra Credit – Set the story during mid-day.
  • Bonus Words – 
    • Tell us how she got the slipper (25 words)
    • Tell us about the neighborhood (25 words)

I’ve been up all night… getting rather punchy, probably should get to sleep.  But after weeks of trying different formulas, I think I’ve finally got it!  And today is the first of the month, which means the sexy landlady will be coming to my door any moment to collect the rent.  She knows I work late into the night, so she stops by my apartment last, usually around noon time.  
Sometimes she brings me a sandwich!  I make her a cup of tea and we talk… gossip about the neighbors and her crazy family.  She’s super nice.  Even if she keeps trying to fix me up with the single ladies.  I wouldn’t mind dating her – she has the most amazing green eyes and red hair!  But she laughs every time I say anything in that direction.  I dream of kissing her, squeezing her beautiful backside, bending her over my lab table… taking her to bed.  Mmmm.  But I’ll settle for using her as a guinea pig for my experiment. 
This building is kind of a dump, stuck in between warehouses and factories, but it’s cheap and clean and gives me lots of room for my equipment.  The landlady inherited it from her grandparents – it was an elementary school for factory workers’ children years ago with beautiful wood floors and exposed brick. 
I had hoped to have someone else to test my theories with me, but it seems safer to try it myself first.  After reading “The Fly” and “Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” I know everything doesn’t always go the way you plan!  
There was a rumble in the hallway.  I put two drops of my serum on my tongue and washed it down with a big gulp of orange juice.  I cracked open my door just in time to hear her shouting for the deadbeat neighbor to open his door.  I could tell her he wasn’t there.  He took off with some guy yesterday afternoon, suitcase in hand.  He has a habit of disappearing for days, each time with a younger guy.  
Suddenly it hit me!  My experiment was a success!  Hooray!  I could see through her clothes!  Yowza!  I was so mesmerized by her perfect backside, bewildered thinking about kissing it and kneading it, it took me awhile to realize I could still see the slippers she’d pulled out of the trash next door.  Hunh… some fine tuning was in order but damn… I held my breath and waited for her to turn toward me.  Eureka!  

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4 thoughts on “FFF Bewildered”

  1. That reminds me of Steve Martin in the Jerk. Using Super Powers for low-brow purposes (which I like).

    Hey, you used super (-1) off your score missy!

    You didn’t call the super, the super; you just said she was super. Which is super but unfortunately super wrong! But then again I’m super stupid 🙂

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