Between the legs

Thursday, June 14, 2012
Overcast but comfortable today. Having coffee with my football pal, then a meeting and dinner with my kid
Good morning.  Sounds like a wonderful Thursday!  Enjoy!
Happy Flag Day!  How’s your friend? Great, I hope!  Office quiet – boss just left for 2.5 weeks in Europe!  Thinking of my dad – would’ve been his birthday today!
1:10pm Phil
Thank you! Pal is good! I like Europe. And your Dad.
I was thinking of your salacious stories from Europe when my boss was talking about how liberal they are there… too bad he’s too much of a nebbish to enjoy it! 
I still want to kiss.  You.  A lot.  
Between the legs.
Hope you had a grand evening.  So fun to see your smiling face.  Sweet dreams, kid.

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