A sex buffet

Friday, June 8, 2012
Good morning, kid.  Glorious sunshine!  Hope you’re having a fabulous Friday! 
10:50am Phil
I am!  All that stuff yesterday happened during the time that I was out of the house. What a blast. Never participated in any of that stuff other than as a spectator . Discovered it does not have to be once a week, boring or routine. Kinda nice
Does kind of feel like being let in to a very nice restaurant with a buffet that’s always open, after having been served a plain hamburger for years, eh?
10:59am Phil
Yeah, lobster instead of burgers and you don’t have to dress up

11:11am Phil
Yeah… clothing discouraged.  ;P
Off to lunch with the project peeps!  Smile and think of me surrounded by handsome men with a bowl of gumbo and a little etouffee!   
2:05pm Phil
Yummy on all accounts! Enjoy
We’re closing up early!  Hope your weekend gets off to a grand start!  Rock on, kid!
4:08pm Phil
Excellent! Have fun!

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