Rear entry

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Morning! Tough nite last nite. Got cornered in the car – no intimacy, no sex, distant, she wants to go home to the beach. Geez.  The woman screamed “I hate you” while glaring at me. That does not slip out, that’s something inside.  She asked me what I liked about her and I’ll be dammed if I could come up with one thing.  And I was trying. I don’t get mean or nasty, I don”t fight. I have found words to be so hurtful over the years. People say such nasty things to each other in anger and I have never done that. Hurts me too badly and I remember all of the nasty stuff.  Just sticks with me and there has been some nasty stuff.  Not from me. I told her I needed a partner.  The fact that all the boxes are still unpacked, she has no inclination to work, does not clean or cook, all factor into how I feel about her.  In all honesty the sex was never good or fun or imaginative.  I have not enjoyed that side of the relationship for 20 or more years. I might be a little adventuresome in that area but she has no clue. She thinks I don’t like sex.  Ah well.  
Looks like you had a good day.  I’m glad.  Hope the weather improves.  It’s fabulous here!
Good day?  You have gorgeous legs! [saw his photo on Facebook at an event]
Yes.  Fun event.  Ha ha. 
You’ve probably gone to bed… I am awake thinking of… you and me.  Sleep well, sweet man.

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