Saturday, June 2, 2012
Good morning!  57 pouring rain!  Great time for indoor activities.  Have a super Saturday, Philip! 
10:37am Phil
Had a blast yesterday. Good time with good friends.

Playing pissy games with my wife this morning.  Every Saturday and Sunday, I get up and either go for a bike ride or go to the gym. This morning the kid calls for a ride home. I said I would go, I was getting up to go the gym anyway.  I get the kid, come in get coffee, she was out back messing with dogs, I left for the gym. I got a phone call all pissed off about why did I leave without saying anything. I continued my workout and on the way home notice the car is gone.  I get inside, no note or anything.  I guess that’s pay back.  Problem is I could care less where she went. I don’t need to know every move she makes.  She can come and go as she pleases. I can’t step out of the house without telling her where I am going. Sent me an e-mail saying she did not know why the “I hate you” slipped out of her mouth and she did not mean it and all the rest. She meant it. At that moment she meant it and she said it with such venom. I guess I am suppossed to forget about it. Not so inclined. Started out as a nice day until the games started.

My my my… wanna fuck?
10:43am Phil
LOL, that might help 🙂
Ya know, I can be serious and offer advice…. or I can suck your gorgeous cock.  Your choice.  
10:48am Phil
Think I’d opt for the mind blowing blow job. great stress reliever
Did you look at last night’s gif?
10:50am Phil
looked like great fun
I see you when I look at that.
Feeding your cock to me.
10:53am Phil
feels amazing when you drop your head back like that and just let me feed it to you
When you hit the back of my throat and moan… there is nothing like it. 
The movement… the heat… the taste of you… mmmmm
11:01am Phil
Gotta admit it does feel amazing.  You got skills girl!
Hee… my mad skillz!  You know, I never wanted to do that for anyone else.  And it’s not just some favor I do for you, though I do like to make you happy.  I want it… I yearn for it.  It feels so fabulous!  I suppose that makes me a hussy but what the heck. 
11:07am Phil
Bah, I love feeding you my cock, felt amazing to cum in your mouth and watch you drink it down.
Your tongue on my balls, fingers every where, mmmmfffff
Fuck my mouth, kid.  Tweak my tits.  Make me burn…
11:13am Phil
Damn girl.
Gotta run. Brunch. Would love to make you burn with a couple fingers plunging into your hot wet pussy
Give me that hot white cum, baby. Scream my name and shoot it down my throat… feel me swallow and swallow… squeezing around you….
11:14am Phil
Oh fuck yeah! Damn
Hope I turned your day around a little.  🙂

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