Toy talk

Saturday, June 2 (continued)

10:09 pm
Hope you had a great brunch! It always cheers you up, yes?

Your thought for tonight – .gif of what I do when you aren’t around.

11:29 pm Phil
Do you have one of those? would love to watch. Had a good day 
11:30 pm 
Not yet. I am so horny I am eyeing the broom handle…
11:33pm Phil
Always got fingers
wish I had your fingers.
11:35pm Phil
Me too. Fingers, tongue, cock, repeat
Big hot load of cum as well
Add lips and you got a deal. 
11:36pm Phil
Gotta have lips
Pussy and ass holes too! Got a couple of those to play with
You do have the best ideas, kid
oof… you make me so wet!
11:40pm Phil
Mmmm, you could use that toy
Think I might get into that
That toy on me
I am willing to share
11:47pm Phil
Lol, awesome!
One of those, lots of lube and ooh la la!
You get penetrated and filled up like never before
11:55pm Phil
Ummmmm, I want it
I will do that for you… while talking very dirty

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