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Year 2 – Week 42
Wednesday, May 30
7:15 am Phil
I am getting there. I really want to drop an additional 20 lbs. I’d be happy with that weight. No belly at all now and sculpting the rest. Aint easy but…….. Frosty and quiet at home. There has not been much chatter for a long time anyway. Trying to fix something with pieces missing. I never wanted to be divorced. Always wanted to be that solid husband and Dad who was always there for his family. I worked so hard and I let that slip away. I have thought about this for years now and tried to make it right. Problem is, I allowed myself to test the waters and discovered it was pretty nice out there. Lived alone and loved it, spent time with someone else, loved it more. Just can’t get past the feeling, I am letting everyone down by being selfish. Ah well, time for situps and pushups and then to start the day. I hope yours is a good one. Weather should be getting nice over there!
10:19 am
Good morning! Very humid and gray. At least it’s not pouring! I’m so proud of you for your body work, even if it drives me a little insane wanting to touch you. Hope you have a wicked good Wednesday!
I hear you about life not turning out the way we hoped for. I so wish for a normal life with a man who wants me… but God has other plans for us! Listen to the messages God’s been sending you for awhile that it’s okay to leave. Certainly your lady and I are both your angels? You have stayed longer and tried harder… stop! You aren’t doing anyone any favors by being miserable and unhealthy. Geesh… even the chaplain told you! Get going. Give you and your wife and your kids a chance at a better life with a happy dad and new people in their lives who will support them.
1:56 pm
Hiya kid! Grabbing a quick lunch and thinking of you. I survived another staff meeting, and have two performance reviews this afternoon. Whee! Hope you’re being productive.
3:47pm Phil
Been a busy day. About to take a break for the gym.  Gonna do some social stuff. That will be fun.
Yay!  You make me smile. I’m having a very bad day at work.  Can I walk out right now and not come back?  Grrr… Have to get over that!  Just pat me on the head and hope for better days.
4:13pm Phil
pat pat pat
Gotta do a bit more work reading and then I can break out and go to the gym. Ready for a good workout.
LOL!  You are a dear dear man, Don’t ever doubt it.  Have a good workout.  Make that body sexier and that mind happier!

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