FFF Predicament

Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  Click over there to see what he and other bloggers saw in this photo.  My thoughts are below. 
Prompt = Predicament
Word Length = 250 words
Forbidden Words = “Hard”  “Peek”  “Trouble”
Bonus words = 25 extra words if Gain 1 new follower this week
Extra Credit if you make it somewhat truthful.
He wants to watch me.
Watch you what? 
Doing… sexy things. 
To yourself? 
He wants to watch me masturbate.
You don’t do that.
I would for him. 
Fingers or toys? 
What else? 
With other men. 
Other men?!
He talks about it. 
Will it happen?  
Don’t think so. 
What does he talk about?  
Renting a hotel room and sending another man. 
Wow.  Does he have good taste? 
He has a great eye for beauty.  
Does he know what you like? 
We’ve talked about it. 
So the guy(s) do things?  Or you’d do things? 
Both.  There would be some twist to it.  He likes to surprise me. 
Surprise you?  
Challenge me.  Push boundaries.  Put me in a predicament. 
Do you like that?  
It can be amazing.  Scary but… I trust him.
Wow… that’s saying a lot, coming from you.
Yes.  He knows things about me I don’t know.
You’ve never seen him? 
No body part? 
That doesn’t seem fair.  
Life isn’t fair.  It’s not about looks. It’s about the mind. 
So something’s happening tonight? 
What could it be? 
We’ve talked about an endless oral only session.  Different positions.  Spanking.  Different toys.  Restraints.  Blindfolds.  Places outside.  Other people watching us while he watches.  Doms, dommes, subs… he’s taught me a lot! 
Oh my. That’s hot.  
How do you know what to do? 
He tells me.  Or asks what I want to do.
Can I come with you? (Pun intended) 
Ha ha.  He’d like that. 

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4 thoughts on “FFF Predicament”

  1. having someone we trust to push our boundaries is a wonderful thing. i love how you capture the image without ever mentioning it. Well done, and thanks for playing!!!

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