Tuesday, May 22

8:13am Phil
Morning Sass.  Busy day yesterday.  A bit slower today but so much coming up with the holiday and the fourth which is a huge deal here coming up. Got family coming to town, concerts, parties, events. Ugh. Heading back to the beach in early June. Hope to see my kids again, and maybe have drinks with a few friends while there. Going for a conference. Hope your day is great!
Good morning! 59 raining… sad for outdoor activities at work today.  Saw your smiling face on FB!  Hubba hubba…looking so trim, kid!   Puzzled over the different uniforms.  Have a great day!
8:46 am Phil
A smile to start your day.  Have a good one!
[face photo from his office]

8:50am Phil
I flew in that uniform, got off the plane and right to work.  We like to switch up the uniforms too.
8:55 am 
Thanks!  Here’s a couple of undone buttons…
[a photo of me at work with my cleavage showing]
8:59 am Phil  oooh…I like the titties!  Nice 😉
9:00 am 
Know something that would look better down there with that lube?
9:05 am Phil  
I do!  You are such a naughty, sexy girl.  Nothing like titties covered in lube and cum.  Might end up with some on your chin!
9:24 am  
Yes please!  I need something white hot and creamy… Clam chowder!  😛
10:09 am Phil 
LMAO, I love chowda!
11:07 am 
Hmmmm… chowder, lobster… tits and lube and cock for dessert?
11:36 am Phil 
Cream filled
11:53 am 
As long as we have the lube might try something else?

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