Monday update

Monday, May 21

Good morning, Philip.  Have a smooth Monday!
8:21am Phil
Good morning!  Start of a busy week.  Rode my bike almost 50 miles this weekend, got to play with mulch and flowers. Told my bride she was selfish and has not changed at all which was an interesting event. Had dinner with my neighbors three nights.  Great food and company. 

Doing ok. Weight is still coming off. Rapidly approaching the 40lb mark with another 20 to go.  Glad your physical stuff came out well.  

I like the poem by the way.  Thank you. 

Lube can be a blast. Not that I get to do that since my wife is by any description boring and unimaginative in that area. I’m just refusing to play at the moment.  I like that much better than forced service. 

Fish tacos, as long as the fish is grilled, are amazing, love them.

Have a fabulous day Sass. Life is a complex but rather enjoyable thing. I learn a little every day.

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