FFF her smile

Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  Click over there to see what he and other bloggers thought was going on in the photo.  My take is below.  
Key Phrase: her smile
Word Limit: 350 words
Bonus Words: Give us a hint of what the people on the beach are seeing (if there are any)
Extra Credit:  Tell us a favorite sexual memory


She thought she was safe… no one would be on the beach this early.  She jogged in the sand, popping into the surf to stay cool… ah, heaven!  She rounded the corner and ran right into a huge horde of photographers!  Argh!  She looked around – more coming the other way.  Crap.  

There was a man standing in the water, up to his waist, 50 feet out.  He looked naked but probably had on a swim trunks.  She dashed into the water – maybe he’d know what to do.  Or she’d keep on going until she was in the deep water and they’d give up after awhile… right?  

When she got closer, he turned to look.  His eyes bugged out a bit, but he kept his cool.  Her smile… beautiful.    

“Lovely day, huh?” he said. 

“Gorgeous weather,” she replied.  

“It’s you they’re shouting at?” he asked.  

“Yes… what should I do?” She asked.  He was flummoxed… there was no easy solution.  He put on his best “thinking cap” expression, rubbed his chin with his hand.  He tried not to stare, but damn… she was stunning.  She stared back, waiting. 

“What do they want?” He asked.

“A photo of my naked chest would do it,” she sighed.  His winced but his eyes couldn’t help straying to her skimpy bikini top. 

“Hmmmm… so… show them,” he suggested.  She choked.  “They’re gorgeous, it will cause a stir and be over.  But this is not my area of expertise,” he admitted.  

“No, I suppose not,” she sighed again.  “Alright, might as well get this over with.”  She tugged off her top and faced him. His eyes bugged out this time.  His mouth fell open too.  

“Do you like them?  They’re only a few months old, but the doctors did a great job,” she said.  He realized he was supposed to speak.  He could only nod.  They were the most perfect breasts he’d ever seen.  He fought the urge to touch or taste.  There was no hiding his reaction lower down.  She giggled.  

“Thanks, Angelina,” he whispered.  She turned to face her pursuers.  

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