Relaxed and rejuvenated

Thursday, May 17
Good morning! 56 clear!  Yay! Hope you have a fab beach day!
10:15am Phil
Sunny and warm. Finishing my chores and then gonna go for a walk on the beach. Still nice to be home
10:18am Phil
Been a wondetful trip. Relaxing rejuvenating. Tunes, good conversation in the evening, relaxing productive days.
Been smiling a lot. I’m happy here
oh, that is so good to hear!
10:41am Phil
No stress, no pressure, no time line. Relaxing evenings. I could get used to this
It will be incredible what your brain will cook up when you’re freed of the stresses. 
10:44am Phil
I feel like me again.
Wow! They digging your new physique?
11:42 am Phil
Able to run on the beach shirtless which is cool!
11:44 am
*drool Ahem… I mean… Great! Warm there?
12:11 pm Phil
Mid 70s  🙂
12:15 pm
Perfect! Lucky you are…
12:35 pm Phil
Absolutely. Gotta go back tomorrow 🙁
12:36 pm
Awww… that stinks. Store up memories? Make plans? Call and listen to me moan? 
12:57 pm
Pick up a thing… a new T-shirt. Or a little bag of sand. Or whatever that screams BEACH to you. Then put it where you’ll see it every day to remind you that better days are coming.
2:19 pm
Off to another random dr.’s appt. Have a great afternoon!
4:07 pm
Lady doc said I look vivacious. What does that even mean? All is well… bp low, weight lower, sugars fine. Quite a difference from a year ago! Woot!
10:04 pm
Off to bed early, try to kick this cold to the curb! Enjoy your night!

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