FFF Disclosure

Here’s the Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog
Click over there to see what he and other bloggers saw in this photo.  
Key word = Disclosure
word limit = 200
Extra credit = share your “real number” along side your Publicly Claimed Number

Was he good? 
Oh yes!
Did you… 
Yes indeed.  Nine times!  He knew what he was doing. 
Nine.  Really? 
Yes… great hands, talented mouth… 
Did he tell you how many other women? 
Yes.  He said seven.  
Well… probably means seventeen! 
Ha ha.  What do you tell them? 
What if he asks? 
I say you first. 
And if he answers? 
I hint that it’s my first time. 
Won’t he know? 
Well… you know things. 
Eh… I’m a natural.  He inspires me.  I read a lot of sexy blogs!
You are too funny.  Why not do full disclosure? 
Men get into firsts. 
Do they? 
Oh yes. 
And then I don’t have to talk about the other men. 
Ah, true enough. 
Do they pull the same trick?
Hmmm… no.  They want you to know they’re hot, done it lots. 
Do they talk about the other women? 
Oh yes.  
Is that good or bad? 
It depends.  Can tell you a lot about the guy, by the way he phrases it. 
I see.
Makes me wonder what he’ll tell the next one about me. 
Good thing it’s not written on your arm! 

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5 thoughts on “FFF Disclosure”

    1. Thanks Ad! This post is dedicated to another sassy woman blogger now gone on to other things. There was a forum question where someone asked if people like meeting first timers. Most did not… but she said be careful because she is almost always a first timer and think of what you’d miss! Ha!

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