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Thursday, May 3
7:59 am Phil
Wow, much more than I was expecting. I enjoy every second we have as well. We have chemistry and genuine feelings for each other and enjoy being together. We are very different people though from very different backgrounds. Your life is in Boston, you would miss it terribly, trust me on that. My life is in some beach town and I would miss that horribly. I’m athletic and I enjoy athletic things, I love to walk, run, play. Could we be happy together, who knows. A lot goes into living with someone and it is not always easy. 

I never told you about my entire situation. Never seemed to come up. My wife is not your Hubby.  My wife’s issues are that she is very selfish, always has been, she is also lazy, always has been. Those are two attributes I do not share and they drive me crazy. When sex becomes a chore and merely a tool to get the other to leave you the hell alone and quit bitching, it tells you something. I left 4 years ago I believe. Fell head over heals in love with my neighbor. I will tell you if you want to hear. I have a few issues that plague me and no clue where to go. Talked to one of my chaplains for a couple hours yesterday. I just needed to talk to someone before I exploded. When people look at me and ask if I’m alright, I know it is starting to affect me and to show. You don’t want to hear this. Would we fit, yeah I think so but I think other things would interfere and that’s never good. We spent a very short time together long ago and a few short interludes since and we have a tie on here but it takes a lot more than that to get to know someone to feel completely comfortable and at ease. It’s a process and not an easy one all the time. 

I liked the fun thought by the way.
8:17 am
Good morning! 46 rain bleh. Thanks for all your thoughts. I want to hear them all. Good, bad, sexy, serious…we may not have had face time,.but we have written and talked more than most couples! Have a great Thursday!
What did the chaplain say? Did you talk about me?
8:25 am Phil
I talked to Chaps about my wife and my feelings there. She was stunned by all the pent up emotion, anger. Said I had to do something before it affects me physically. I will tell you my entire past several years if you really want to hear it. Not sure you really do. I have never told anyone.
8:27 am
I want to be the one you talk to. Especially if it can help you.
8:32 am Phil
Ok. When I have time, I will tell my sordid tale.
9:02 am Phil
I need a real friend, someone to listen and offer advise. I know what I want, know where I want to be, how do I get there.
9:08 am
Can I be that? I want to
9:08 am Phil
You sure about that Sass?
10:52 am
It is what it is, right? Might as well unload it
A hint?  I am dying of curiosity over here.  I told you I would be your friend no matter what.  I just want you to be happy.  
3:22pm Phil
Huh? What?
Did you know I moved out almost 4 years ago and was in and out for the next year and a half?
Yes.  You told me.   I was not clear on the timing or the duration, but I know that you left.  And dated someone else.  You said your children convinced you to go back? 
3:44pm Phil
Married 29 years, never strayed once. Rock solid. I was a choir boy. Started to realize several years ago that I was not real wild about my wife.  She was never much of a cook or house keeper. She was always selfish. My wife always came first. The women has more jewelry than the average jewelry store. She has craft supplies beyond belief, all kinds of other gadgets.  Crafting takes time, energy and motivation of which she has none.  She has never held a real job.  She has a degree and should have been earning a nice salary and retirement. Never worked anywhere with benefits or that paid decently. She does absolutely nothing outside as far as yard work. Does not much inside. I have been the gardener, house keeper and chef for too many years. I don’t have a partner. Have felt that way for many years.  At some point she started bad mouthing me to her friends and the neighbors.  Talking about me being an asshole and just a dick and a pay check.  She did it when I could hear it and I was supposed to take it.  The good news was I was gone on deployments and travelling a tremendous amount so I really did not care.
   The last few years I was home a lot more.  Spending most of my time drinking with the guys in the neighborhood, all of us talking about our wives being bitches, not giving It up or whatever.  A new family moved in down the street and the woman and I took an immediate liking to one another.  We hung out in their garage, drank beer, played darts, listened to tunes.  We just hit it off and always seemed to end up at the same table at neighborhood events or in the same corner of the yard.  We often talked and laughed for hours.  All innocent stuff about kids, yards sports, nothing inappropriate at all. Everyone had pools in the neighborhood and I noticed that she had one of those asses you just want to take a bite out of.  I thought I was being discreet but apparently not.
4:28pm Phil
told you it was a sordid tale
Where is the sordid part? 
Heading home.  Eager to hear more.  *Pats you gently on the shoulder.*
Your thought for tonight is me lying naked next to you… sleeping quietly… my chest rising and falling, the curve of my hip… a peaceful smile on my face. 

11:15 pm
Is it hailing there? I’m see photos of hailstones from my Chi friends. Hope you’re safe inside somewhere!
11:47 pm Phil
Not here. Sitting out having a cigar
1:00 am
Phew. Thanks for saying. I’ll leave you in peace then.

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