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Monday, April 23
7:56 am
Good morning! 61 nasty rain/wind. Seems appropriate for Monday. Bleh.
Busy week for you? Hope it rolls!
8:43 am Phil
Good morning. Thank God for Monday. I can become the Officer and bury myself in work. I do this easily, no need to concern myself with other issues till about 7:00 pm. The weekends really suck.

Nice bright sunny day here today. Cool but very pretty. In the 50s now. My butt no longer has any fat on it. Just firm and muscular. Upper body looks different, shirts all fit, pants getting looser. Had a banana for breakfast and coffee of course. Just not hungry. I know I need to eat so I do but no real desire to. Weird. Ah well, enjoy your Monday!

5:37 pm
I need a hug.
5:46 pm Phil
Me too
5:48 pm
I would also like a new body. A new job. And a new husband. Ugh Ugh Ugh. Just shoot me now. *crying*
5:54 pm Phil
Ah…………. I know the feeling.

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