Beach Day

Friday, April 20

6:17 am
Good morning! Beautiful sunrise, 51 to 75 today! No office, going w/ Hubby to hospital for heart CT @ 7 am. Have a fine Friday!
7:22 am Phil
Good morning. Wet and rainy here. Matches my mood so I guess it’s good. Good luck at the hospital. Glad the event went well.
7:29 am
Hey Philip! In the waiting room. Boring! Thank goodness for wifi!
7:30 pm Phil
Yeah, hear that.
7:33 pm
What is this mood stuff? Need me to spank you? Hug you? Fuck you? What?? Look east….I am here thinking about a naked man at a hotel door!
7:37am Phil
Just feeling sad this morning, realizing the weekend is coming up and I’m not excited. No appetite, eat cause I have to and just feeling puny and small. Hard to shake it too.  Thanks for the kind words and pleasant thoughts though.
Hunh…that’s different.  I’m sorry, hope it passes soon.  Maybe you aren’t getting some nutrient or enough sun.  Or enough Sassy kisses… Hmmm.  I’ll send something to distract soon…
8:04am Phil
I do need to find a multi vitamin. Not eating much at all and probably not getting what my body needs. Certainly not getting enough kisses. I’ll be ok as the day wears on I hope. I rarely feel like this, almost never in fact. Gotta put on my game face. My work self has to have a big smile and be the energizer bunny even when he does not feel like it. Would rather be sitting on the beach, alone, with my thoughts, sorting and making sense of life. Ah well, time to put on the clown suit. Hope Hubby has good results. Enjoy your day kiddo!
10 second loop – Watch on computer, it’s animated… ;D
8:27am Phil
Will look when I get home
Cool.  I found it oddly mesmerizing. 
Home again.  Trying to get motivated to go to the beach…
Let me know when you’re watching it and I will provide narration. ;-0  I love you, Philip.  Whether you’re up or puny or what… you make my heart go pitty-pat.  You also effect other parts of my body which I will not mention but you know what I mean. 
10:49am Phil
Thanks Sass. I’m just having a really hard day. Party tonight. Maybe that will cheer me up some. I am never like this. Always upbeat, always the happiest guy in the place, this is so weird for me.
I hear you, Philip.  I do think it’s something diet-related.   Can you go work out?  Get yourself a treat?  Call me?   I know some good elephant jokes! 
12:30pm Phil

Waves on Bass Rocks, Gloucester

Lobsta Land Restaurant, Gloucester

 View of the salt marsh from the Lobsta Land Restaurant

 Spring pansies at the entrance to Lobsta Land

 Classic clam chowder

 Lazy man LOBSTER casserole!

 Classic Caesar Salad

 Chocolate mousse

 Niles Beach

 Good Harbor Beach

 Good Harbor Beach

 Good Harbor Beach

 Olive Garden, Danvers (got take-out for dinner!)

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