Reception success

Year 2 – Week 36

Wednesday, April 18, 2012
Good morning! 51 cooler 60s later, great for the big reception at work!  Safe travels!
Hope you didn’t party w/ any secret service agents! [Big headlines today about agents getting into trouble in South America]
8:57am Phil
No lie!
Settling back in?  I had fun at the store buying food for the reception.  Almost everything I needed was on sale!  Fabulous day for it!  Hope your day rolls along too! 
3:10pm Phil
Ran for 30 minutes. 1st time in a very long time. Bought concert tickets today.  My birthday present to me. I’ve been on a professional whirlwind the past few years. Time to find me again. Me is athletic and fit and laid back. Having a good day.  Hope yours is too!
Hiya kid.  I had fun at another reception!  Record crowd, people loved new bakery, boss happy.  Home eating sushi!  Woot!
So what was your meeting like?  Did someone prep you?  Did you read or talk?  Did they ask you questions?  Seem to understand your message?  How long were you in the hot seat?  I am so curious!  It’s so cool…
9:14 pm Phil
Spoke with 10 bigwigs. Very interesting. Very cool experience. We were well received. We got a couple hours prep the night before.

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