Under the kilt

Friday, March 16
10:00 am
Good morning! 36 cold. Off work, doing project prep, Dr appt at 11 random check-up. Hope you’re St Pat’s weekend is off to a great start!
12:22 pm
Done w/ doc, picked up my beloved suans from Mary Chung, wish I could hand you some – juicy and spicy! Rock on, kid!
2:59 pm Phil
Prepping for tomorrow. Going to party with 50.  They’ll have corned beef, cabbage, red potatoes, shepherds pie, soda bread, finger stuff, whiskey cake, whiskey, beer, whiskey, wine, whiskey, good cigars and hopefully much fun and merriment. Made fish tacos for lunch with blackened salmon that I did myself, came out great! Got three racks of baby back ribs layered in Memphis rub ready to go in the oven and then the grill for tonight. Gonna enjoy yeeha!
3:49 pm
Yikes! You really know how to do it up!
I wish I could be there to help you…
4:13 pm Phil
Did not think cooking was your bag. I like to do it. crank up the Irish tunes, put on my kilt and me leprechaun hat and have a good time
Not my thing… but I’d have fun helping you, I think. I wanna see this kilt and hat!
And touch what’s under ’em
might slow down the cooking a wee

Going to nap and think about kissing you for a long time… have fun kiddo!

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