First Skype

Monday, March 5
6:52am Phil
Movie was good. Sounds like dinner was good.  The other women not so much. I have busy days coming up and then a little adventure to the beach. Hope you have a good day.
Good morning! 27 sun brrr.  My brain feels too small – work, project and home issues.  Bleh.  So deep breath, smile, keep rolling!  Thanks for pulling for me, Philip.  Have a marvelous Monday!
10:44am Phil
Yeah I know.  I have those days too.  I have the house to me for a few days and tha’ts such a welcome relief.  I am going to clean it top to bottom which will make me happy. I know how to clean and I will move the furniture and the whole nine yards. Sally is with my kid and so happy to have some me time to rock the music and work up a sweat cleaning and watch some tv, have a drink or two. Like a little vacation. gonna move a couch.  No bitching, no one getting in the friggin way. perfect. Wish I had a week. I’d have meals in the freezer for the week too. Just reheat and serve. SO easy to be organized. Ah well. The life I chose. Have a good one!
Hey there!  Thanks… I so need the smile and support.  H had me in tears on the drive in… Argh!  Glad to hear you’re getting a break!!  Lucky man.  Not to interupt your solitude, but I have one word for you.  Skype?
Happy to say I am feeling better – having a very productive evening cleaning off my desk, working on project stuff and tax stuff.  Whee!  Hope you aren’t too lonely.
9:37 pm Phil
Had a beer with the boys. Nice to just go out. Made mac and cheese for supper. Loving it!  Let’s try out the Facebook video thing.  
9:37 pm
Fabulous! Sorry taking awhile to download software…haven’t done this on FB before

[I dragged my laptop into the bathroom, and balanced it on the sink.  He asked me to bend over, leaning over the tub, so he could see my ass and clit, and finger myself.  He was very complimentary!  But I was still very nervous.  After that, I watched him play with his gorgeous cock.  We had fun watching each other play and talking… then right when he was about to finish, the screen went blank!  Argh!] 

10:41 pm
Did you pass out? 🙂
10:43 pm Phil
You went blank. I shot every where
10:44 pm
Shucks. But glad you felt good…
I tried to call back but it says you’re unavailable…Ah, technology
10:48 pm Phil
Gotta love it
10:48 pm
Was that good for you?  Better than typing?  Might try Skype or GTalk next time?
10:50 pm Phil
Oh hell yeah
10:50 pm
10:51 pm Phil
Much better
10:51 pm
visuals = good? Damn, you are hot…
10:51 pm Phil
Much better
Need a toy
10:52 pm
I know you’re hot, but then I see you and mmmm.
yeah… was thinking that… something long and thick…
10:52 pm Phil
Uh huh, that would be so hot
10:53 pm
hmmm… will have to work on that.  new territory
10:53pm Phil
Cool, can’t wait to see that
ah, another milestone.  We manage to keep making it hotter!  Whoo!
Mmmm… wish you could smell my fingers…
but if you could, I’d have a bunch of other stuff for you to do!
10:58pm Phil
That was fun. Wanted to slip my cock up your ass while you were fingering your pussy
mmmmm… yes please
damn,  you are so hot… wanted to put my mouth on you so BAD!
11:03pm Phil
That would have been nice
 here’s a quick fuck for you… 2 minutes…
crap… FB is so nosy.  They won’t let it go through.  Damn censors! 
11:05pm Phil
let me try something else…
take out the dots between you and porn…
11:12pm Phil
Should have bent you over your desk
So you could see the video?
11:13pm Phil
Nope, read the title
just copy the URL over to a browser and take out the dots, so it reads  youporn
Yes… desk… you… yum…
I’m downloading Skype… might try that next time.
11:53pm Phil
Hope I provided a little distraction
it was NOT LITTLE!
Was that what you wanted? 
I think I need more instruction…
and a vibrator!
have you ever seen one?  Wondering about brands…
Thank you.  That was fun.  I think it will get funner as we iron out the tech and toys!
And you are so fucking gorgeous!
Have seen many. Get one that’s flexible and feels natural. Would be so hot to watch you with that.
Adam and eve has tons. Good quality, decent prices
Geez I am so clueless…Will go look.  Thanks.
12:04am Phil
Have fun 
Wish you could go toy shopping w/ me.  We’d have a blast
12:05am Phil
Loved being home alone. Me and the pets. Time for sleep. Nite
Sleep well sweet man
12:08am Phil
Easy, very relaxed. Nite

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