Here’s this week’s “Flash Fiction Friday” challenge from Advizor54. 
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Key Word – “Dichotomy” and/or “Waiting”
Word Limit – 275 for each picture

       Extra Credit – Get one other blogger to join in
       Bonus Words – 25 for each orgasm you helped someone else have between now and Friday morning.



Is the rope tight enough?
And the blindfold?
Yes, perfect. So how do I look?
You look beautiful in black.
Thank you.  I know it’s overdone, mega-traditional, but it feels right.  The color is gone from my life.  I can’t believe he’s dead.
Yet you have the most amazing smile on your face?
You better take the photos… it may not last.
Okay, hold still. 

I’m remembering…
Our honeymoon
He got us off to a great start.
He took off my dress – that 40 pound monster.  And my jewelry.  Then put my wrap around my head, over my eyes, and sat me in a chair by the bed.
A blindfold?
Were you frightened?
No.  He was always good to me.
Why the blindfold?  
He said it would help me relax, focus on my other senses.
Did it?
Oh yes…
And that was good?
No… it was fantastic!  

He was so… awesome.  Full of ideas to make me… happy.
Did he touch you?
No… not for a long time.
What did he do?
He… took a photo!  and talked to me.  Told me to do things.  While he watched.
Was he doing anything?
Well… yes.  You know…
How do you know?
I could hear it… mmmm….
The memory is strong?  Hold still! 

Oh yes!
And then?
He fell asleep.
It was a very long day.
What did you do?
I went to bed.
That’s it?
Well… no.  He woke up pretty quickly.
Oh, good.
And woke me in a wonderful way.
Do tell!
He was inside when I woke up!
It was… incredible.
Did he last?
He was too excited.
But he didn’t stop… he did other things.
Wow.  After sex?
Yes!  We went on and on…


Whoa!  Sassy!  What is this?
Oh… hmmm… he took that the night we were married.
Yowza.  You were hot!
Thanks, kid.
You still are… but damn!  
Yes, I cleaned up well that day.  And I weighed a little less.  
I’ve seen the photos of you in your dress but I had no idea what was underneath.  You looked so demure and this… damn.
You can stop drooling now.
Never going to stop drooling over you.
Awww… you charmer. 

What was he wearing at that point?
Oooh… hot!
He was masturbating while he told me things to do.
Holy cow!  Why don’t we do that?
You never blindfolded me and told me what to do.
May I?
Sure. As soon as we finish cleaning up the attic.
Did you ever think you’d find someone else?
No.  Never.  When he died, I thought that part of my life was over.
I’m so glad you found me. 

Me, too, my young stud.  Did I show you the funeral photo?  
Funeral photo?
A friend took them.  He helped me… feel alive again.
Where is that?
Hmmm… I think they’re in that box behind you.
Double damn!  Black!  What a dichotomy!  Had he seen the white one?
No.  I told him about it while he was doing the shoot.
You showed him later?
I bet that blew his mind.
A little. 

Do you still have those outfits?
No.  Gave them away years ago.
Where is he?
Went back to his wife.
Ah. I’m glad.
Yes… so you’d be ready and waiting for me!
Ah… yes.  
Come here.
You know why.

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  1. As always, amazing work. i think your creative side needs to be let out more often on your blog. I love reading your work, and you entwined them so well.

    Excellent work!

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