No Ketchup

Saturday February 25

12:42 pm
Hiya kid. 42 and wicked windy here… odd on a sunny day. Trying to get lots done around the condo. Hope you’re having a super Saturday!
1:05pm Phil
Freezing here! Headed to the gym and then cooking steaks!
1:05pm Phil
Yay! Hope your work-out and meat are fabulous! 🙂

3:00pm Phil
Good workout and a lady I know told me my meat was fabulous 🙂

Your meat is very delicious.  So hot, so tender and tastes amazing!  I love the way it feels in my mouth and slides so easily down my throat… don’t need any ketchup! 
5:07pm Phil
But now I am thinking of dessert… what might the chef do for me for that course? 
Wow!  Your meat is beautiful.  How bout something with cream for dessert? 
8:50pm Phil
Love to feed you some cream

Sweet cream?
9:46pm Phil
Sweet cream, from the source

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