Jambalaya twins

Sunday February 19

Hiya kid.  Quiet day here.  Had a nice dinner out – jambalaya!  Hope the wineries are making you smile. 

Jambalaya @ Grendel’s Den in Harvard Square, Cambridge

12:34am Phil
Had a blast! Had jambalaya too! Great party with friends. Glad you are having a good week end. 🙂

Would be better if you were here to let me… be good to you.  🙂

I can’t believe we had the same dinner!  Wait… yes I can.  Mardi Gras!  Let the good times roll, baby. 

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2 thoughts on “Jambalaya twins”

  1. I just have a problem eating Jambalaya off a glass plate. Call me a snob but seems like it should be in some dirty old bowl or in a Dixie Cup. And where is the table cloth so I can wipe my mouth off after finishing! 🙂

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