My Valentine 2012 Part 5 Lessons

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— Part 5 Lessons
Thursday, February 16

Simon touched my shoulder to wake me about 6:50 am, then leaned over to kiss me.  He whispered, “Thank you and good bye.”

I sighed and whispered back, “You made it very special, Simon.  Thank you.”

He was headed to airport right after his meetings, so he left the keys and told me not to lock myself out.  He checked to be sure he had his belongings.  And he was gone at 6:55 am.  

I felt a little sad to see him leave, but not overly so.  We’d had fun, it was very sexy and that was enough.  I puzzled over how I could do all that with someone where I didn’t love him or know his name or much about him, but I just did it and it was incredible.

I marveled that he had wanted me.  It gave me a huge boost in confidence!  

I was amazed I was not worried about whether I would see him again and what it all meant.  Even if I never saw him again, I had learned so much.  Totally worth it!
I marveled that I wanted him, even if he wasn’t big and tall.  None of that mattered in bed.  Via la chemistry!  
I dressed, packed and called Hubby at 9 am to tell him I was okay and warn him I’d want to pick him up in a bit and drop me to work.  
I texted Simon, “Hope your day is off to a good start.  Heading out… thanks is way too simple to get across how I feel… you make me smile.  And feel better about myself.”  About an hour later, I got back a smiley.  
I am so glad I saw him.  We seem like lonely travelers on a hard road who could help each escape all that for a little while, make each other feel good, and boost our confidence to help us find someone else.  
I made it back to the city easily, picked up Hubby, let him get his breakfast and drove to work.  I tried to work, but could not – my head was so full of Simon!   So there I was at work, typing away, trying to get it all this down and perhaps be able to think of something else.  Though thinking of him was lovely and I hope always will be.  
I got a hug on Valentie’s Day for the first time in twelve years!  Such an amazing Valentine!

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