Thursday February 16

Hi there.  Another 40s day!  Hope your Thursday is rolling along.
1:40pm Phil
Busy week. Always is when away for a while. Weather is not bad. Nice to be back at work. I missed it. Glad you had a good evening. Found out my family is coming for July 4th. That will be a blast. Considering taking a job in Florida. They offered. Could have gone to other places too but I want to be back on the Beach. Who knows. Hope it’s a great day!
2:36pm Phil
Hiya!  When do you have to decide?  Great you have such varied options!
3:38pm Phil
I have time but living on the beach is very appealing to me. I’m not a skier and politics is not my thing. I think I’d love the warm weather, great for my knee and ankle.  Will see how it develops.

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