My Valentine 2012 Part 3 Slow Sex

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Part 1 – Planning
Part 2 – Hotel picnic

— Part 3 Slow Sex
After a great picnic, I was lying next to Simon on my stomach on the hotel bed, watching a BBC sitcom on his iPad.  When the episode finished, he smiled at me then got rather serious, though trying to be casual, and asked, “So… are you going to stay?”  
I was not sure what he meant exactly, but gathered this was his way of asking if I was interested in touching him.  I looked at him and smiled, then leaned over to kiss him on the forward and whispered, “I’d like that.”

As I started to pull away, he kissed me quickly on the lips.  Just a peck.  And then another.  And then he wrapped him arms around me and pressed us together side by side on the bed.  The kissing went on and on… he finally let me get a breath and whispered in amazement, “Whoa… you are an amazing kisser!”  I nodded and winked, “You are pretty hot stuff yourself.”  He kissed me a bit more, then whispered in my ear, “I could do this all night.”  I chuckled, thinking “Yeah, right… not likely.”  I’ve only been with men who were in a big hurry to climax, especially the first time, so I was very confused by his lack of going on to other things.  

I licked his ear, biting the lobe gently and breathing in quickly.  He shivered and moaned, saying, “Wow… you know how to get to me,” and started rubbing my back and twisting against me.  He took things really slowly, kissing for a long time, then pressing between my legs through my pants with his palm.
He stopped and said, “I want to do a lot more.”  I nodded, already too dazed to form any coherent speech.  
He asked me, “Do you need to know my name?”  I tried to think about it, but realized it did not matter at all.  
“No,” I replied.  “Are you okay with not knowing mine?” He thought for a moment, and nodded.  
“It is much safer if we don’t share… but I will if you need me to?” he offered.  I kissed him on the nose and told him I was fine.  
He started kissing me again, stroking my arm, then eventually taking off my shirt and bra, (with one hand behind my back!) and finally I unbuttoned his dress shirt and pulled off his white undershirt.  He pulled me into his arms on the bed.  I adore that first moment when skin touches skin!  We cuddled for a long while with him running his hands over my chest and back, sucking and biting gently, in a very worshipful sensuous manner.  He found a spot on my back that caused quite a reaction (I had not known about it!)  I came so hard!  He stopped now and then to cool off, and talked more, starting the entire track again each time – kissing, gentle touching and only then more.
There was no crushing fire, just a slowly building burn.  I began to get impatient, and starting talking a little dirty to him and rubbing between his legs.  He put his hand inside my slacks, finding my clit with his index finger.  He flicked a bit, then finally put his fingers inside me when I begged.  I think he wanted to be very sure that I wanted each escalation.  
He got up to take off his dress pants, and a lovely pair of dark blue silk boxers appeared.  I rubbed his firm ass, then pulled his beautiful cock from his underwear and put my mouth on him.  He had a lovely shape, long and elegant.  He said, “Only if you want to,” and held my head gently.  He moaned dramatically, and exclaimed, “Oh! Oh, you are going to make me blow!” and pulled me away.  He said, “Sorry… this first time I am so worked up… not going to last long and I wouldn’t be any good to you after that.”  
I returned to his mouth for more kisses, and I finally said, “I want you to fuck me.”  He sighed, and said, “Are you sure?  We don’t have to,” and I wondered if he wanted to.  He checked inside me again with his fingers to make sure I was ready, helping me take off the rest of my clothes, then went away to get a condom! I adore it when the man takes care of it as a matter of course!  He put it on quickly, and said not to be offended, that it was for my protection as well.  I assured him it was fine and that I appreciated him being so thoughtful.  
He rested on top of me, squirming and pressing against me.  It didn’t seem like a good position, so he asked me what might be better.  I said doggie style, and he was a little surprised, but we shifted around he grabbed my ass and pressed inside me.  I was surprised that he was not hard, but had read that happens, especially with condoms.  He worked in and got harder, saying he was really nervous.  I told him it was just me, relax… don’t think… and he got much harder and pressed deeper inside.  Then he said, “Oh, wow… you are so hot… and tight” and “I am not going to last at all!’  He gripped my ass very tightly and I pressed back against him and he came.  He apologized and I assured him that it was very flattering.  He said, “But I will still be able to help you out.”  He put his fingers inside me and used his other hand to rub my clit until I came again.  
He went off to clean up and I collapsed.  He said, “Don’t move,” and I had no urge to do so.  He explained that he needed to prep for the work day, so he wouldn’t have to do it when he woke up in a daze.  He said he had meetings  from 7 am to 6 pm, then had to take his managers out for supper so he wouldn’t be back in the room until late.  He said I was welcome to stay, or come back but he had a lot of work to do and would be distracted.  I said I would like to come back, that it could be the same as IMing, with him multitasking, and perhaps I could help.  He came back to bed, gathered me into his arms, kissing me deeply, stroking me in the most amazing way.  We suddenly realized that it was 4 am!  He had to get up at 6:30 am to make a 7 am meeting.  Ugh.  I tucked him in, cuddled up behind him  and was quickly asleep myself.  It was such a treat to be able to drift off touching a man!

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