A hug maybe

Tuesday February 14 Valentine’s Day

Good morning! 33 sun and a happy Valentine’s Day to you!
Hubby and I celebrated last night w/ a stroll around Whole Foods picking up treats for a living room picnic.  We watched the BBC’s “Sherlock” – the “Scandal in Belgravia” as romantic as Holmes gets. He even sat next to me on the couch.  Not touching me.  After being an asshat all day, he managed to be nice for 3 whole hours!  Of course, it made me wonder why, if he knows how to be nice, he isn’t most of the time.  *sigh 
Good news! Online pal in town for business asked me out to dinner tonight! (So I might actually get a hug.)  

But you know who I’d be with if I had a choice – there’s nothing like an old flame!  Thinking about what would happen if he was in town is keeping me warm and wet today.
12:56pm Phil
Happy Valentines Day. Enjoy dinner. Sounds like fun. Waiting to jump on a plane
Safe travels! Close your eyes for a few moments and remember… just make sure you have a magazine on your lap. 🙂

1:05pm Phil
Ha ha.  love it!
Making you smile makes me happy.  Making you hard makes my day!  But helping you cum… well… that is the best!
Oh, that was probably too graphic for lunch time.  Sorry… but you… you get me so… you know.
3:17pm Phil
I know


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