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It’s time for a brief break from the Philip & Sassy Long Distance Romance Dance for the ninth round of Prowling With Kat‘s Blog Chain, a delightful monthly exercise in posting on the same topic with a bunch of sexy bloggers.  For February we are posting about “Love.

Gosh… another easy topic.  NOT!  Gulp.

I tried very hard not to fall in love with Philip again.  I was terrified to love him… worried it would give him too much power over me, scare him away, be a burden, doom me to heartbreak again or even ruin my life.  It’s not something you can choose.  It is.  We got messed up in high school not communicating, so I swore I would try to do better this time!

It took me seven months to say “the L word” to Philip, about five months after I figured out that I was indeed in love with him again after 37 years.  I wanted to say it the first time in person, or on the phone, but it happened on a very emotional day… and in a very modern way – a Facebook message!  Check out that sexy conversation:

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Many thanks to Kat and Ryan from The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad for their work making it happen every month!  Be sure to read their blogs, and all the chain participants!  You’ll be glad you did.  Consider adding them to your blog roll so you won’t miss a post.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!   Mwah!


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