FFF – Charged

Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday Challenge
from Advizor54.  Pop over to his blog to see what he and other bloggers made of this photo!  
Key word: Charged
Word limit: 160 +10 for every orgasm you helped with this week 
Extra credit: Tell us how you earned your extra words

“Is that thing charged up?”  he asked.
“Yes… finally!” she replied. 
“When should I start?”
“Now would be a good time… oh!” 
“Okay, got it.”
“Thanks!  Let me up…I want to see.”
“I took quite a few.”
“Ooh!  This one… it’s perfect! Send that one!” 
“What are you going to do with it?” 
“Post it to Facebook… ‘by mistake.’”
“No way!”
“Way! Ha ha!” 
“Sure he’ll see it?”
“Oh yes… he has that… what do they call it now?  Special friends… pings him every time I post.” 
“Think it will work?”
“I hope so.” 
“Cross my fingers for you.”
“You don’t mind.. me showing off your chest?”
“Nah… it’s fine. Don’t tag me, okay?”
“Ha ha… no problem.”
“He’s not going to beat me up, right?”
“Nope.  Not his thing.”
“Hang on… I need to…” 
“Kiss you.”
“Right now?”
“Just kiss?” 
“Well… no.” 
“Ha ha… better get started then!” 
“Maybe a few more photos… for me.”

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6 thoughts on “FFF – Charged”

  1. A few more photos… for me?

    Yes, the photographer always needs to be paid. I like the teasing, the idea of posting herself with another man behind her. It’s very erotic and bitchy at the same time. jealousy games can be dangerous.

    Thanks for joining in this week!

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