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Saturday February 4
Good morning! Another 38 sunny start.  Gearing up to feed hungry project workers while they work.  Whee!  How’s your kid?  Hope your Saturday shines!
12:31pm Phil
He is good, out having fun today.  Finishing up some work and then going bowling.  Making a dessert later for the superbowl party. Cool, cloudy day here. Big game tomorrow and then off for a couple weeks!
Sounds like a great plan!  I’ve got the folks eating, headed off to see my mom and then my pal in the nursing home.  Whee!

Done w/ lovely ladies, back to the project work day. My mind is racing… Hubby had a woman at our place yesterday.  Said they “only cuddled and kissed.”  Trying to decide whether it matters to me.  Sigh. Wishing for a normal life w/ a man who cares, not so many complications. argh send hugs

Can’t sleep… need to make my brain stop whirring… ah well.  tomorrow will be better.  Hope you have a great time with all the football fun! 

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