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Tuesday January 31
7:43am Phil
There is no way to join me. My neighbor is there, is not much free time. Work from six to six, hit the gym, grab a bite, sleep and repeat. We can certainly chat though.
7:50am Phil
Good morning,  learned yesterday, I may be out of here earlier than I thought which would suck but is the way things work some times. I have an option to stick around the military another couple years. They want me to take a job back on the East Coast. I don’t know, tough decision. It is close to the beach, I like that area and what it has to offer and it’s much closer to my family which I also like. Ah well, choices, choices, have a great day!
Nutty Tuesday – survived staff meeting!  Lunch from the Chinese truck – sesame chicken with lotsa cabbage… yum. Chats- YES!  Call?  I could whisper and moan in your ear… or watch a video together?  Will try to get something special.  East Coast again?  Interesting.  I knew they’d entice you.
Hiya sweet man.  Had dinner with my Marine pal and Hubby!  He’s home!  Done with the National Guard!  Woot!  So great to see him safe and raring to get back to civilian life.   Hope you’re having a calm evening.  Thinking of you.. a lot.

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