Missing you

Monday January 23
Good football?  Missing you something fierce tonight.  Don’t know why it hits me so hard sometimes… hope you had fun!
Sleep well sweet man.
Have you heard of the Koval whiskey distillery?  Friend went there tonight for their tasting/tour.  Ravenswood, near Lawrence and Western.  They have a website. Sounded like it might be your kind of place.

7:57am  Phil
I have not heard of them
 have visited several distilleries though. Always a great time! Have a great week!
Good morning! Gross out – fog, drizzle – very Monday!  But I’m raring to rock work! Hope you have a marvelous day!
11:12pm  Phil
Same weather here. Cold, wet, nasty. Had a good day, hope you did too.
Yes, indeed. 
Thinking about doing things to your body.

11:42pm  Phil

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