Skpe me maybe?

Saturday, January 14
2:46 pm
Hiya, Philip. Just had dim sum w/ friends in from NYC. Yum! Off to Mom’s. Hope your rocking this Saturday!
3:06 pm Phil
I am cooking! Making barbecue for tomorrow. Just finished my workout and gonna settle in to watch football!
5:16 pm
Waiting for pizza to take home. Thinking of what you might do with me if I was there….
6:00 pm
Home… full of zucchini sticks! Not going to interrupt your peace and quiet, no sir, not me…
7:42 pm Phil
Girls are all next door watching movies. Just me and the game. I love it!
7:49 pm
Oh, how lovely. Now wait for a commercial and put your cock in my mouth.
8:02 pm Phil
8:13 pm
Ha ha ha… quit messing around and let me suck on you.
8:39 pm Phil
Be nice to have a hot mouth on my cock.
8:48 pm
Lean back and I’m there. Blowing on the tip… kiss it softly, slip my hand under you to stroke and gently squeeze your balls while I lick down the length of you. Then circle you with my other hand… pull up while I press you deep into my hot, wet mouth… and suck.
8:56 pm Phil
Ummm, you are going to get a mouthful of cum if you keep that up
9:01 pm
I’m going to keep sucking you… you start to soar… press a finger inside me to get it nice and slick (because you make me so wet) then press it inside your sexy ass… twirling in and out while you move in and out of my mouth.

Looking up into your eyes… when you can’t watch, your head goes back and you moan? I’m going to stop.  and wait.  listen to your ragged breath.
9:05pm  Phil
I love that. Love to be so close over and over till I’m begging to cum. My breath would indeed be ragged.
then I’ll use my magic thumbs… pulling up with both hands while my thumbs rub the sensitive spot… and lick the top, press my tongue into the slot… your hips popping up, pressing you deeper into my throat.  Faster… faster…
then I’ll leave you sitting there… panting… while I go get you beer.
9:38pm  Phil
Oh fuck yeah, fuck my ass while you suck. Maybe you can help me get off on my trip.
Hmmm… would it be too weird to warm up the lip of an empty beer bottle and press it into you?  I wonder if that would feel good sliding in and out?  Sort of like a strap-on…
10:25pm  Phil
Don’t know. Willing to try. Might be fun. About the right size.
It would be my pleasure to assist you while you are down South. 
10:38pm  Phil
Got a web cam, might be fun
Never done that.  Would need… instructions on what to do.
You’d tell me what you want to see?
Google chat has a nice audio/video feature…
10:58pm  Phil
Absolutely. I have a cam too. Will do what you ask
Much more fun when you can see
I dunno… I think I look better in your imagination…
Have you tried the cam with a lovely lady before?
11:11pm  Phil
That’s fine too. I have. Very hot.
Key is for it too be relaxed and fun.
You can teach me… tell me what you like… give an example now?

What is a hot thing to do?
11:20pm  Phil
Exciting to watch you get off. Hear you moan, watch your pussy get wet, fingers get wet. Taste a finger, touch your ass hole, wet, slippery, sounds of wet fingers in wet folds
My hand sliding over my cock, holding my balls, rubbing my hole, doing anything you ask, tasting my cum
mmmm.. that sounds divine.
If I can get over my… shyness.
damn… I want to touch you soooo bad.

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