Wacky wedding vows

Friday, January 13
7:32 am 
Saw a line in a blog and thought of you… “…if I was going to write a blog about Big Things Girls Can Do That Guys Like – well, that would just be a really short read with just three points including, and I quote Dave Chappelle here (so blame him, not me) “feed me, fuck me, and let me have some peace and quiet…” 🙂
7:44 am Phil
Space is a big thing. Let me go wander around Home Depot and Sports Authority. Let me wander through Barnes and Noble. 

Feed me, take the time to learn what I like. Try a new recipe. Surprise me. Buy a 12 pack of my favorite beer and Surprise me. 

Fuck me seems obvious but not so much. Be open to new things, learn what I like, what I want. Not so hard but takes a little effort. 

About 8 inches [of snow]. Kind of cool and about time. Time with the Bigwig was fun. Enjoyed it. Enjoy the day.
8:39 am
Good morning! 41 rain… yuck. Can’t get new FB app to work on my phone. ARGH. Oh, how I long to do things for you, with you. Aren’t I good at finding things you like?  I see Hubby for 10 min. each morning and night, in the car, to/from work. Sometimes a dinner. Would like a little more, but I do know how to give a man his space! I want a man I can be closer to but still be my own person. Have a fabulous Friday!
11:28 am
In a wacky way – good wedding vows- “I promise to love, honor and amuse him… feed him, buy him beer, fuck him, surprise him, and let him have some peace and quiet, in sickness and in health, so long as we both way live, with the help of God.” Heh. Might have to tone down that one word…
Oh, why am I trying to convince you?! Geez. I’m not a good salesperson! I should ask what you’d do for me! But that’s not the way I think, and I’ve seen how wonderful you are to me already. You’ve seen my best and worst – how I make life interesting from far away, keep finding new ideas, only pester you a bit, take care of myself and stay out of your way, care about your family, don’t buy or collect things. I’m upbeat even w/cancer, death and a sad home life! I’ve only changed for the better in 40 yrs, and with the right guy? Wow… the smiles? Endless…
9:42 pm
Hiya kid! Hope your weekend is off to grand start. Any big plans for the long weekend?

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