FFF – Altered

Advizor54 says, “We will keep it simple and weird this week.”

Word Limit – 312

Key Phrase – altered

Extra Credit – Give them all names.

Man… what a night!  I finally got to that club in South Beach… you know the one.  So many gorgeous women!  Not one, but two of them took a shine to me.  They told me their names… something like Dixie and Trixie… I can’t remember now.  I said mine was Dominic… close enough.  

I went back to my room alone and dreamed we had a lot of fun.  I remember every minute of that dream, even in my altered state.  

They took off my clothes, saying very nice things about my body as they went, then let me watch them help each other out of theirs.  They teased me – one around my face and one lower down.  Lord have mercy!  They played country hick chicks, but they knew how to make a man happy!  Hour after hour… kissing, touching, licking, sucking, fucking… yowza.  I used up every condom in my kit.  They wore me out!  

I woke up at 5:30 am as usual.  I glanced over and there were two women!  Uh oh… how much had I dreamed?  I tossed on my shirt and went out on the balcony to enjoy the morning sun before it got too hot.  I sipped my favorite scotch – Lagavulin 16 – puffing on a Monte Cristo, wondering how I got so lucky.  

The ladies stirred…shower time!  Maybe I could interest one or both ladies in washing my back… for a start.  I turned to go in and fooom!  They were smacking each other with pillows, shouting and giggling.  

“He liked me the best!  He screamed when…” the one shouted.

“Nunh Ah,” the other replied.  “He purred when I was…”

“Ladies!  Please!  There’s enough of me to go around!” I pointed out, chuckling.  

They whacked me… feathers and hilarity ensued as I landed on the bed.  They began to work their magic again. 

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2 thoughts on “FFF – Altered”

  1. Nothing beats a good pillow fight when everyone gets to make peace at the end. I’ve wondered where a dream starts and reality ends and what we would all enjoy if we got “altered” a little more often. Too many inhibitions are at play most of the time.

    Thanks for the playing along!!! It’s always nice to see your name on the list.

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