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It’s time for a brief break from the Philip & Sassy Long Distance Romance Dance for the eighth round of Prowling With Kat‘s Blog Chain, a delightful monthly exercise in posting on the same topic with a bunch of sexy bloggers.  For January we are posting about “the Super Bowl of Sex (best sex ever).

The best sex ever?  Hmmm… it’s tough to say!  

Before I met Philip, sex was something men did to me and I waited for it to be over.  Men never paid attention to whether I came and I thought nice girls didn’t participate much, or let men do certain things to them, i.e. I was an idiot!  Philip changed all that.  He concentrated on me, taught me how to be an equal partner, and made it okay to enjoy myself and please him!  I finally understood what all the fuss was about!  In trying to find ways to keep a long-distance relationship sexy, I’ve learned so much reading blogs and looking at tumblrs… searching for things to send him.  But which time with him was the best?  I thumbed back through this blog…and decided to point you to the first time we saw each other… 37 years after we broke up as teenagers!

It takes three posts from explain… please start with this post and then read the next two! (click “newer post” at the bottom left)

Also, please go read the other smoking hot entries of this month’s Blog Chain!  Marvel at bloggers taking off in different directions from the same starting point!  Leave comments!   Find new blogs to read!  Enjoy! 

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Many thanks to Kat and Ryan from The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad for their work setting this up and making it happen every month!  Be sure to read their blogs!  You’ll be glad you did.  Consider adding them and all the chain bloggers to your blog roll so you won’t miss a post.  

BLOGGERS!  Please join in with your own sexy entry next month when the topic is “Love.”  You know all about that, yes?  *cough 
Kat makes hopping on the blog chain gang easy and fun.  Here’s how it works


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