FFF – Invitation

Flash Fiction Friday Challenge from Advizor54
Required Phrase:  Invitation

Word Limit:  300 words
A blogger invited me to lunch. Iā€™m not going.  No.  She’s in town to see another man. It makes sense –  I don’t cheat – but… it stings.  Lunch is a good offer – not just coffee, something special.  But not dinner.  No chance in the darkness to…anyway… I get too nervous.  But I’ve never seen her face, even after all this time together online.  I’ve seen many parts of her body in her blog, heard her voice, read reams of her writing – time to put it all together.  Worth an hour.  

She was at a back corner table, gave me a quick hug and backed off but not before I could get a big dose of her incredible chest!  This could be trouble.  We talked easily.  She held my hand when the stories got tough.  We laughed and laughed, dishing about fellow bloggers.  She spoke just as she writes, perhaps a bit bawdier!  It was so amazing not to filter… she knows my secret. And I know hers.  

Too soon, I walked her to her car, parked around back.  She reached for one last hug.  I pressed her against the car. She settled into me.  Finally she stirred; I had this intense feeling of panic and loss and chemistry.  I grabbed her hair. She beamed and I kissed her – deep, fierce… tongues, teeth.  She squeezed my ass and snaked the other hand between us to rub my bulging cock.  I rolled my hips, twisting her nipple until she trembled and moaned into my mouth.

I stared, panting.  “You should let go.”

“You should get in,” she cooed.

“You know I won’t…” I answered.  She kissed me on the nose and opened the back door, motioning to the huge back seat.

“I know you will,” she replied.  She removed her dress, revealing the “lucky black bra” and stunning cleavage men all over the world drool over on the internet.  A couple of steps and I could bury my face in it.  She wiggled her eyebrows and winked!  Sassy girl! I accepted her invitation.

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8 thoughts on “FFF – Invitation”

  1. Good story, but a little confusing. The first paragraph is all denial, and then the two are at lunch. Edit mistake?

    Otherwise, it’s a good premise. I like that she entices him into the car.

    1. Sorry for the confusion! He isn’t going to go, but changes his mind and decides at the end of Paragraph 1 that it is worth it to see her face. Thanks for stopping by! Happy FFF!

  2. The only missing line was the one about the time-warp tri-dimensional quiditch continum gap. After that it all made sense.

    šŸ™‚ I liked it, the seduction by the woman always makes it better.

    1. Ah, so true! I thought if you told someone about the gap you had to kill them! Eep!

      I am going to remember that it’s okay to seduce bloggers. šŸ™‚ Thanks for all you do to make this so much fun! Happy FFF!

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