Back scratch chat

Year 2 โ€“ middle of Week 20
Sunday, January 1, 2012
10:38 am Phil
Morning, Quick turn on the machine this morning and then football. Other friends just lonely and depressed. Sad that I donโ€™t have any way to help other than to listen.
11:51 am Good morning! Out at dim sum! yum. Listening is VERY important. Fixing horizon is different. Happy football!
12:06 pm Phil
Enjoy! Sounds like a great way to start the new year. Gotta set up the TVs for football! Have a great day!
1:24pm Phil
1:24pm Um, Hellooooo!
Are they winning? 
I’m hot for you…
1:38pm Phil
Playing well today
1:39pm I’d like you to tackle me…
during a commercial, of course
1:56pm Phil
LOL, I hit hard
You know I like it HARD!  or you could bend over for a snap and I could fuck you… hmmm… dumplings make me HORNY!
2:43pm Phil
Ha ha either sounds like fun

Would you like it if I put my tongue in your ass?
2:45pm Phil
Of course!
Then lie back, spread your legs, raise your knees and I will put my hands on your ass… spreads your cheeks and lick that precious hole… and stick it in!  Moan, kid….
4:25pm Phil
Gonna put my finger inside myself… get it nice and wet, the press it inside you.
I’m going to wiggle around until I find that spot, the one that makes everything tingle
4:53pm Phil
You are such a bad girl. Who knew?!
Oh, yeah?  You gonna spank me?
Oh, you knew… even before I did!
4:56pm Phil
I had an idea
I didn’t… you unleashed the sexy in me!  I dunno about you, but for me it just keeps getting hotter.
5:06pm Phil
The more you know………
I found another video… not sure if I should send it or not. 
It’s long and kind of odd… and I am not promising to do all that… but it is HOT.  But you probably have enough to watch today. 
I’ll just whisper in your ear about fucking your ass with the pretty purple bubble toy and lots of lube…
while I suck on that steel pipe between your legs…
mmm… Indian food for supper.  Love that chicken tikka masala!
Do you like to have your back scratched?  I’m puzzling over why no one talks about it as sexy… I find it quite erotic. 

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