All clear

Tuesday, December 27
Good morning!  43 windy.  Thinking of you and hoping you’re having an easy drive.  MGH called – Mammo came out ok, so relieved! 
Phil: Awesome!
You make it there yet?  I hope the drive is a breeze.  Quiet, surfing blogs looking for stuff a handsome fellow might like. 
Phil: Just got to our hometown, traffic sucked
Thanks for letting me know you made it!  I wish I was there… your family always look like so much fun!  Enjoy!

So glad you told me about crab bisque!  I tried it tonight… a slightly spicy version with corn.  So good!  Hope your enjoying the family! 

Spicy Southwest Crab Bisque

Shrimp, scallop, fish and LOBSTER scampi 
@ The 99, Somerville
Phil: Having a blast! anything with crab in it is good as far as I am concerned. Glad you enjoyed it.
My diary says 36 yrs ago, you said good-bye at church before leaving for the military, shaking hands w/ the guys.  You grabbed me around my waist with the other at the back of my neck and kissed me!  You hadn’t touched me in 2 yrs, so I was very surprised and could not figure out why.  That and my fantasy about us losing our virginity are keeping me entertained tonight!  Mmm…

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