Boxing Day

Monday, December 26 BOXING DAY
7:09 am Phil: Water was not the only thing spraying
10:24 pm Phil: Hope you had a great day.

10:25 pm  low key, then nice dinner with friends traveling from Maine home to PA. Had a delicious piece of fish at Joe’s American Bar and Grill in Woburn.  You?

10:37 pm Phil: Visited friends, moved furniture to storage, loaded a uhaul, ready to head north. About to strangle my bride, she has issues with my family which piss me off. My daughter too, build all this drama that does not exist. There are times I simply can’t stand the woman. Tonight’s one of them. Ah well, the life I chose.
10:40 pm You are so productive! Sorry the gals are ticking you off… maybe I can make up for that a little, if you like.
10:41 pm Just going to bed, drive at four, thanks though

10:42 pm Got a quick photo…
if you’re not too tired.
But it’ll keep.  Sleep well, sweet man.  And safe travels. 
I love you just the way you are. 

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