Christmas Ass Play Chat

Sunday, December 25   CHRISTMAS

TEXT: 6:48 am Phil: Merry Christmas!
TEXT: 9:24 am Merry Christmas kid!
Off to Sis’s to help Santa make my niece’s day.  Hope you’re having a great Christmas! 
Phil: Looks like it was a nice day.  Great photos you posted!
Lovely day!  You? Wonderful photos of you and the gang
Phil: Very relaxing day. Vegging on the couch watching football
Ah… your kind of night. 
You and my health are the best gifts I got.
9:59pm Phil
Well cool!
Your little sister looks so much like a younger you
10:01pm Heh
Your son looks like a younger you!
10:03pm Phil You think?
10:04pm Not as cute, but similar.

10:05pm Phil Ha!

10:06pm But no worries… he doesn’t set off my… um… oh never mind.

10:07pm Phil He doesn’t get your pussy flowing? Good.

10:09pm Hey!  Not the way I would’ve put it but… yes.  Good thing, that would be inconvenient! 

I know sis sets off every man with a pulse. 

10:12pm Phil She’s cute

10:15pm My Marine friend is flying out of the Stan today… off to Krgystan and out!

10:17pm Phil That’s a good thing. Nice Christmas gift
10:19pm You tipsy?
Wondering if I can have my way with you…

10:20pm Phil Nope. Glass of wine with dinner. Why?

10:28pm Phil Hmmm

10:30pm Close your eyes for a moment, during a commercial… see me alone with you… tell me what to do? 

10:35pm Phil
I love to have my cock stroked. Vary the pressure, the other hand rubbing my balls fingers grazing my ass, maybe slipping inside, get me there and back off, over and over till I am begging to cum, then stroke it hard and as I start to cum, take me in your mouth finishing me there

10:45pm Phil Nice to lay back and enjoy

Mmmm… great idea! I love touching you, hearing you moan…and having your cement cock cum inside me.  No one has ever made me want to be fucked the way you do…

10:58pm Phil
You do like to get pounded. You like it deep and hard. Should have started this 30 years ago. I cum a ton in your tight hot pussy too

Damn… you make me hotter than a vindaloo…

11:12pm Phil
I do love vindaloo. Pulling my cock out of your drenched pussy and rubbing it between the cheeks of your ass. Thinking about…..

11:13pm Mmm…
11:18pm  Phil
Wouldn’t mind coming on your ass, your tits, your face, in your mouth, in your ass and deep inside that hot pussy

11:20pm Yes, please… I want you… all of you… on me, in me…

11:27pm Phil
Oh yeah, you dirty girl, I love it
You’d look great glistening in cum

You’d look fantastic lying on a bed with your legs in the air, me kneeling between them… putting a ridged toy inside you gently and pulling it back out… in… out… with one hand while I pump you with the other hand.  Find that P-spot…

11:35pm Phil
I know I’d love that. Fuck my ass with that toy while you stroke my cock in time, damn, makes my cock jump thinking about it

I’ve been watching video… learning…
Lots of lube…
never done it before… would love to pop your ass cherry!

11:44pm Phil Never had more than a finger. Loved that, Pretty sure I’d enjoy it

11:44pm Wanna see the video?  It’s a little odd, but quite… um… stimulating?

11:44pm Phil Sure

It may not let you click… says its a blocked URL…
If you don’t have a lot of time, you can skip to about
6 minutes in…
If the link doesn’t come across let me know and I can email it?

easier way… go to google and search for sophie_et_fred_-_strapon_on_male
it should be the first link…

11:58pm Phil Did not get it

12:01am Did Goggle work?
Very educational.  Let me know if it is too weird…

12:13am Phil That is so fucking hot.

12:13am HA!

12:13am Phil Love the sound of the toy sliding in and out
She had her tongue in his ass, I was like, hell yeah

12:15am the sounds he was making had me going…

12:15am Phil Oh yeah, fuck that ass
He is taking that strap on and loving it

which toy looked sexier?  I thought I’d like the more natural one, but the bubbles one actually um… affected me more.
the sound of it popping in and out… roarrrr

12:17am Phil
Both, guy just came, fuck. I need to step in the shower and jerk off, need to cum
Damn, that was hot!

12:18am You’re welcome.  
Something new to think about. 

12:18am Phil Always been interested in this

12:19am Ever seen something like this before?  (I hadn’t)

12:20am Phil Yeah, a fantasy of mine

12:20am I found the link on a cool site called “Bend over boyfriend”

12:21am Phil Stepping into the shower to get off

12:21am Enjoy!
I know… after you told me I went looking for stuff to please you

12:27am Phil Wow, that was fun

12:40am yay!
You still amaze me… how you react so well to the odd stuff I find for you. 
Have fun in the shower?

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