Wet Fingers

Thursday, December 22
Phil: Safe and sound. Good trip. Got a few hours sleep and getting to run errands. Food for Christmas, truck inspected, fix a fence and hopefully do some visiting.  Off to run around, then I can relax a bit.
So glad to hear you made it! 
I’m having a quiet morning, then to the office at 1 pm to payroll… and then I’m FREE!  Have a terrific Thursday! 

Payroll is done… NOW WHAT?  I am the only person here… very strange. 
Hey, your soup look delish!  I’ve never had crab soup.  Is it like clam chowder?  My mom took us out to Jimmy’s Steer House for supper.  I had a fabulous fresh salad, beautiful piece of baked schrod, and their amazing rice pilaf with spinach!  Home now reveling in the knowledge that I don’t have to go back to work until Jan. 3!  Woot!  Have a fabulous evening! 

Phil: Soup was fabulous. Very rich. Not like a chowder. More like bisque with lots of crab and sherry in it. Fabulous!

Me too! nice to be off
Mmmm… bisque.  That sounds divine… I’m losing myself in the blogs.  You still out and about?
Phil: Exhausted, ready for bed. Off to bed. Careful with those blogs. I hear they can cause wet fingers.
  Only your fingers make me wet… Sleep well, sweet man.
And your voice also makes me wet… and tongue… and that gorgeous cock.. damn it!  Now look what you’ve done.  I love it. 😉

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