Mammo time

Wednesday, December 21

Phil: Good morning
Phil: Stepping into a steaming shower. That’s what I need to get started. Be having fish tacos at the Beach tomorrow!  Can’t wait. No decent Mexican or beach places here. I miss that atmosphere a lot. Chicago is not my kind of town. Prefer NY or Boston but really a little beach town is all I want.
Good morning! 43 and I’m not at work, so life is good!
Hope you’re having a good Wednesday.  Off to MGH for my annual mammogram.  Took Tylenol to blunt the pain.  Please pray…

Phil: Good luck
Thanks!  Have to wait for results. Ick.  Also have a mild case of cellulitis (infection) that makes the breast pink, rounder and hot.  You’d probably find that a good thing!  Doesn’t hurt, so some pills this week and done.  You traveling?
Hope you had a good drive.  I am thinking of you… your mouth.  Good memories… Sleep well, sweet man

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